Need to find the best way to send money abroad or transfer money internationally? We can save you money.

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Need to pay suppliers overseas or make international payments quickly and securely? We can tailor a solution for you.

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International Money Transfers

Chitoro is the fastest & most cost effective way to send money home. We can guarantee the best available exchange rates with low transfer fees. Our service is secure, fast, safe and reliable. We have been making customers happy since February 2004. We make international money transfers easy and hassle free. We are experts in the foreign exchange market and can offer exchange rates that will save you money when compared to your high street banks. Our local banking partnerships ensure that our money transfer service is fast and very cost effective.

What ever the reason for sending money abroad we can help. Our online system makes transferring money internationally as easy as using internet banking. Are you immigrating, buying a property abroad or planning a wedding abroad, if so we can save you money and guide you through the whole process.


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